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San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas


the weather in Los Cabos is near perfect - everything happens in or near the ocean playground


Los Cabos is blessed with near perfect weather. Near perfect, because in the summer it gets a little warm by some folks standards.

Those who live in the desert southwest will consider it cool. Those from the northwest or mountain states will consider it hot.

If you’re from the east or south you will welcome the dry heat.

We do have some storms during the summer. The tropical storms and hurricanes hardly ever hit us directly (they do, but not very often). They usually pass by to the south. We can get some rain when these storms pass by, but it never rains for very long.


The average temperatures are as follows:

the majestic tail of a gray whale   high range low range
January 72-79 60-65
February 72-75 60-65
March 74-77 60-65
April 79-84 63-67
May 80-85 65-70
June 80-85 65-70
July 87-92 73-79
August 90-95 74-80
September 90-95 76-80
October 85-91 74-79
November 80-85 60-70
December 73-80 60-70

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